27 Signs You’ve Been Studying Too Much — And Need To Take A Break

Thought Catalog

1. You start to get that crack addict eye twitch from staring too much.

2. You’ve drank so much coffee that you think your body is 80% caffeine, 10% sleep deprivation and 10% prayers for death.

3. You keep putting off necessary things like eating or oxygen until you just finish 500 more words of this paper.

4. You’ve been in the library so much that people think you work there. No, you just dress like a librarian and have no life.

5. You can’t remember the last time you showered. You know that you had to — statistically speaking. You just can’t remember it.

6. You start to nod off for just a second during your study group, hoping that no one notices.

7. You’ve looked at the same pages of notes for so long that the words all blur together or start to look as if they were…

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